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The Price is Always Right at Inn at the Quay: Celebrating Phillip’s Journey to New Westminster

How the unexpected gave New West the chance to shine more light on our special corner of the world

Imagine our excitement when we learned our prize package was selected for The Price is Right. Now imagine the buzz in New West when an unexpected twist set social media abuzz and put us in the spotlight. Our General Manager Kathy MacKerricher shares, “The initial disbelief quickly turned into an exhilarating opportunity to showcase our unique spirit on a global stage and perfectly with our brand ethos: embracing the unexpected and finding joy in the unconventional. The playful, yet professional, tone of Inn at the Quay reflects in how the city and the hotel responded to the show’s feature – with humor, grace, and an open invitation to explore the unexpected treasures of New Westminster.”

The internet had its share of critiques following our feature on the game show. Some jokes made the rounds, but they only fueled our community’s spirit. As Mayor Patrick Johnstone shared on CBC News, New Westminster is an ideal place for tourists, easily accessible to all Greater Vancouver has to offer and full of attractions, experiences and hidden gems. Councilman Daniel Fontaine echoes this sentiment when speaking with CTV News Vancouver, highlighting the city’s attractiveness as a tourist destination.

When The Price is Right contestant Phillip overestimated the value of a trip to New Westminster and missed out on a stay at Inn at the Quay, his story struck a chord with the community. This TV show misfortune quickly turned into a heartwarming campaign by our friends at Tourism New Westminster. The #SearchForPhillip wasn’t just a quest to find Phillip; it was a testament to our community’s spirit of hospitality as shared by our friends at New Westminster Record. In an uplifting response, Tourism New West extended an open invitation to Phillip, transforming his game show disappointment into an opportunity to experience the true essence and warmth of New Westminster.

The successful conclusion of the #SearchForPhillip campaign brings a wave of excitement to New Westminster. Phillip Fitzgerald, touched by an unexpected twist of fate, is set to experience our city’s charm. “This is surreal… I’m very thrilled and honoured they would take the time,” Phillip expressed to the New West Record, reflecting on the invitation. Echoing this enthusiasm, Kathy MacKerricher, general manager of Inn at the Quay, told the Vancouver Sun, “While the show didn’t grant a stay, we believe everyone deserves a chance to experience our hospitality.” Gerardo Corro, executive director of Tourism New West, added in his conversation with the Daily Hive, “He’s like a local celebrity. Everyone wants to meet him.” This sentiment of warm welcome is further highlighted by local dignitaries, including Mayor Patrick Johnstone’s personal gesture to buy Phillip lunch.

As we prepare to roll out the blue carpet for Phillip, we extend an open invitation to all. Whether it’s a missed chance on a game show or a planned visit to the royal city, every guest at Inn at the Quay receives our unparalleled hospitality. For more about our special corner of the world, visit Inn at Westminster Quay.