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April Showers Bring May Flowers: Cozy Ways to Enjoy a Rainy Day at Inn at the Quay Hotel in New Westminster

As April’s showers grace the skies, Inn at the Quay Hotel in New Westminster becomes a canvas for cozy retreats and playful escapades, set against the backdrop of a gentle drizzle. This time of year, the inn transforms into a haven for those looking to soak in the warmth and comfort of indoor delights while still having the option to venture into the misty outdoors. With the last of the season’s cozy days upon us and the promise of vibrant May flowers just around the corner, let’s explore how to cherish these moments of tranquility.

Gourmet Eats at The Boathouse

Set sail on a culinary voyage without leaving the quay. The Boathouse awaits with its trove of gourmet treasures, ready to be enjoyed in the glowing ambiance of the restaurant, or the snug hideaway of your room.

Bubble Baths and Wine: The Solo Symphony

Forget about communal spaces; the real enchantment unfurls in the sanctuary of your room. Draw a bath brimming with bubbles, pour yourself a glass of the good stuff, and let the symphony of rain against the window be your soundtrack. It’s a solo (or duet!) performance of relaxation and indulgence, where the outside world melts away, leaving you in a bubble of bliss.

Adventures in the Rain: The Great Outdoors Awaits

Who says you need sunshine to explore? Armed with a raincoat and a spirit of curiosity, venture into the embrace of nearby parks and waterfront walks. Here, the rain doesn’t dampen the spirit; it amplifies the beauty, turning paths into mosaic tapestries and the air into a fresh canvas. It’s a gentle reminder that every drop of rain paints the world anew, inviting you to partake in its masterpiece.

A Cozy Den of Delights

As night falls and the rain whispers secrets against your window, our rooms transform into dens of warmth and whimsy. Here, we invite you to kindle a flame of connection and laughter, where the beds are soft, the ambiance inviting, and the company delightful. It’s an evening where stories are shared, connections deepened, and the rain’s melody becomes the backdrop to moments of joy and discovery.

As we transition to the vibrant bloom of May, let the rain-soaked days of early spring be filled with the laughter, warmth, and charm that only Inn at the Quay Hotel in New Westminster can offer. Book your spring stay today and make memories that sparkle, rain or shine.