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Love is in the Air, couple chatting on boardwalk

Love is in the Air in New Westminster

Planning Your Perfect New Westminster Date Night in the Royal City

New Westminster, our charming Royal City, is not just a treasure trove of history and beauty; it’s a playground for lovers looking for that magical date night. With its enchanting waterfront and vibrant culinary scene, New Westminster sets the stage for romance. Let’s embark on a journey to craft an evening that’s as delightful and unique as your love story.

Stroll and Swoon Along the Quay
Kick off your evening with a dreamy walk along the Westminster Quay. As the sun dips low, painting the sky in hues of orange and pink, the Fraser River becomes your own romantic movie backdrop. This gentle stroll is perfect for holding hands and sharing sweet nothings.

Gourmet Love at The Boathouse
Next, tantalize your taste buds at The Boathouse. With its waterfront views serving as a visual treat and its exquisite menu a culinary delight, this spot is a lovers’ favourite. Whether it’s the fresh, succulent seafood or a glass of fine wine, The Boathouse ensures your dinner is as spectacular as your company.

Experience the Arts in New Westminster
For a touch of culture on your date night, delve into New Westminster’s vibrant arts scene. Our top recommendation? Catch the latest show at the Massey Theatre. Here, it’s all about the shared experience – the thrill of a live performance, the shared emotions, and the memories you create together.

Sweet Endings and Shared Smiles
What’s a date without a bit of indulgence? Wrap up your dinner with a decadent dessert or seek out a local chocolatier for some artisanal sweets. Our neighbour, Origins Chocolate Bar has plenty of options for savouring those melt-in-your-mouth moments together.

Make it a Stay to Remember at Inn at the Quay
Why end the night when you can extend the magic? Cap off your perfect date by checking into Inn at the Quay. With our cozy, stylish rooms and breathtaking river views, we turn a great date night into an unforgettable overnight stay. Wake up to serene waterfront scenes and perhaps enjoy a delightful breakfast in bed. At Inn at the Quay, we’re not just a hotel; we’re a key part of your love story in New Westminster. Book your perfect romantic getaway in the Royal City today.