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Couple drinking wine on private balcony overlooking the quay

Time for Mom and Dad to Stay and Play at the Inn at the Quay!

Feeling a little tapped out from being cheerleader, champion and chaperone? Maybe it’s time for you to play! Swap the crayons for candles and textbooks for wine glasses, and let’s dive into why the Inn at the Quay is the perfect rendezvous for reigniting that spark.

Romantic Sunsets & Room Service

Those early morning scrambles? Replace them with lazy mornings in bed, followed by sumptuous room service provided by The Boathouse. In the evening, hold hands while taking a romantic stroll along the waterfront, and watch the sun paint the sky with its rosy hues. Inn at the Quay provides a picturesque backdrop that even those back-to-school photos can’t beat.

Dine, Wine, & Oh-So-Fine!

Forget packed lunches. Get dressed up and discover together what makes New Westminster a top culinary destination. Gaze into each other’s eyes over a gourmet meal and let the evening’s intoxicating blend of romance and wine remind you of those early dating days.

Rejuvenation Station

How about an in-room massage? Think of it as your personal recess. After all those months of sunblock applications, beach outings, and “Are we there yet?” trips, you deserve a little pampering.

No Homework Zone

The only reading you should be doing is that novel you’ve been meaning to dive into. The only math should involve calculating how many more days you can extend your stay. And science? Well, maybe you can experiment with which cocktail you like best at the bar.

The Inn at the Quay isn’t just a stay; it’s a romantic escape, a place to laugh, tease, and fall in love all over again. So, put down that school calendar, book a room, and make some grown-up memories. To book your well-deserved time away, visit